The Pain Relief Miracle Story

I created Pain Relief Miracle  in 2007 to help my mother with pain relief for her debilitating Arthritis. She couldn’t hold on to a simple water glass or button her own blouse. One day while in the car, with the windows up, she applied a famous, topical pain relief formula that she had been using 10 times per day for several weeks with NO relief.

It instantly made my eyes burn and made me sneeze. The medicine smell was so overwhelming that I knew I had to do something. I researched the ingredients in that product and found there were at least 2 that were manufactured by a chemical company. None specifically for Arthritis. There was only ONE ingredient that actually had any decent properties to help Arthritis and joint pain, and that was Menthol, a topical analgesic!

I couldn’t find anything on the market that worked, didn’t have a menthol medicine scent, and at the same time was chemical free and free of harsh medicines with other side effects. So I used my Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese herbology, to create something for my mom that was safe, but most importantly, EFFECTIVE… Pain Relief Miracle I was sick of looking at products that said “for the TEMPORARY relief of this or that…. This was my MOTHER! I wanted her to be FIXED and out of pain.

I created a Pain Relief Spray  that would help stop the Arthritis pain AND help her tendons, bones and muscle as well as  address the ROOT CAUSE of her joint pain. When she tried it, she said the pain and burning in her hands went away almost immediately. When people in my Acupuncture clinic heard about the formula, they asked to try it and had amazing results as well.

Up until June of 2010, it was only available to my patients at Rising Lotus Wellness Center in Casper, Wyoming. Then one day I received an email from a gentleman in Texas that heard about it. I thought to myself, “Hmm, maybe this can help more people!” Now we have PRM and it is available to everyone.

We are now selling Pain Relief Miracle nationally and have sent shipments to 21 Countries! I developed this Pain Relief Spray to just address the Arthritis pain in my mother’s hands. However, with so many patients having used PRM, they have reported it working on things such as headache, shingles, dandruff , skin rashes, bug bites, fungus such as athlete’s foot and ringworm, plantar fasciitis, knee and hip pain as well as acne. It even brought back a gentleman’s voice that he’d lost for the last year. He applied it externally to his throat.

It has also strangely enough, treated hemorrhoids. I didn’t ask what led them to try it there! People have even said it effectively works for their pets for some of the same problems. I’m not sure about the hemorrhoids however.

I hope that my Pain Relief Spray eliminates that which causes you suffering.


Try it! Use it 3 times per day, and you will have results, I GUARANTEE it or I will give you your money back.

My mission is to transform and positively impact the lives of every person that uses PRM by taking away your pain and suffering so you can live a better quality of life!

Jason Laird, B.A., M.S.O.M., L. Ac.

Creator of Pain Relief Miracle

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